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Adequate packaging for all kinds of cargoes, if necessary in custom-made packaging, including artistic and fragile materials, foodstuffs and even live animals.
Cargo conservation according to internationally established and adopted standards.
Cargo storage at zero risk.
Insurance against damages in transit, until final destination.
Meticulous inspection of the whole transportation trajectory, undertaking to present technical and legal answers for unexpected events or last minute situations.
Maintenance of a friendly and transparent relationship with relevant authorities, other companies of the industry, competitors, partners and particularly those who contract our services.



Rua Monsenhor Alves da Rocha, 140 - grupo 1.015
Penha - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
Phone: 55 0xx21-2270-7289
Fax: 55 0xx21-25734045


Rua Padre Gastão de Moraes, 73 - Santos - SP - Brasil
Phone: 55 0xx13-3273-1158
Fax.: 55 0xx13-3278-3009