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For over ten years, WORLD LINE has been pioneering ways to ship all kinds and size cargo from all places in the planet. Best of all, the company does it at special costs, with service quality, agility and safety above average.

This is only possible because WORLD LINE has built its own cargo management, using sophisticated devices, equipment and modern plants, state-of-art computer technology and highly qualified professionals. Moreover the company enters international reliable partnerships of great cr credibility. edibility.

In that way World Line logistic operation is ready to face obstacles as challenges, always seeking economical, intelligent and innovative solutions, by air, by ground or by sea. Wherever the client may be.

World Line Freight Forwarder Ltda


Rua Monsenhor Alves da Rocha, 140 - grupo 1.015
Penha - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
Pabx: 55 0xx21-2270-7289
Fax: 55 0xx21-25734045


Rua Padre Gastão de Moraes, 73 - Santos - SP - Brasil
Tel.: 55 0xx13-3273-1158
Fax.: 55 0xx13-3278-3009


Rua Paula Rodrigues, nº 08 – Sala 07 - Jd. Piratininga - CEP: 06233-030 - Osasco - SP - Brasil
Tel.: 55 11 3696-2887 / 3603-1396
Fax: 55 11 3603-1396


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